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A Small Light- a Biographical Drama

  Miep Geis Shines A Small Light is a riveting intensely emotional dramatic telling of the Anne Frank story focused on the moral courage of the Viennese-born Miep Geis who helped hide and support the Frank family and four other Jews in an annex above the offices where Miep worked for Otto Frank. A Small Light is an eight-episode series. In the beginning, Miep is 24 and living with the Dutch family who adopted when she was a sick child. The family encourages her to marry Cas. The parents are serious. Cas is her nonbiological gay brother. Miep goes in search of employment, which is hard to come by in 1930s Amsterdam, nevertheless, Otto Frank takes a chance on her lack of experience and hires her as a secretary for Opekta, which produces pectin for making jam. Otto Frank had moved his family to Amsterdam from Germany to escape Hitler’s treatment of the Jews. When the Nazis arrive, Otto Frank, his wife Edith, two daughters Margot and Anne and four others hide above the business. Mi

The Rescue - A Film Review

  The Rescue is an Academy Award winning film by directors and producers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin. Like many around the world, we watched the unfolding story of 12 Thai boys and their football coach trapped in a cave. The film recaptures the tension by illustrating the risks of cave diving and the back and forth arguments as people from several nations weigh the risks involved in selecting one method or another to find the boys. Experienced divers fail. Two middle-aged cave divers from England finally find the boys alive and promise they'll be back. But how do you safely bring 13 people underwater? Discover the role of experience as courage and confidence varies from person to person. See how people from different cultures come together to help. Consider the importance of the boys' religion in their wellbeing. Think about the role of general science and medical science in the successful outcome--technology, oxygen, medication, and more. The film was released 8 October

Living Well: 10 Big Ideas- Book Reviews & Comments

  Living Well 10 Big Ideas of Faith and      a Meaningful Life   By       Geoffrey W. Sutton Reviewed by    Various Quotes from reviewers of:   Living Well: 10 Big Ideas ofFaith and a Meaningful Life “As a Christian and a psychological professional, it’s rare to find resources which address the interaction of my beliefs and scholarly knowledge. I’m encouraged by Geoff Sutton’s, Living Well , as it offers a unique perspective on Biblical virtues from multiple, complementary views. In a time where many want to divide faith and science, a harmonious combination is found in this book.”    — Chelsea L. Greer, Ph.D ., Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychologist, USA  ***** “In the long and noble tradition of virtue ethics, Geoffrey Sutton provides a valuable resource for living the good life. Bible study meets scientific inquiry meets practical how-to, this is a helpful tool for congregation and classroom alike.”     — Dr. Howard N. Kenyon , Vice President, Ecumenical Mi