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Groups That Heal: A Sutton Review

HELPING GROUPS HEAL LEADING SMALL GROUPS  IN THE PROCESS OF  TRANSFORMATION By    Jan Paul Hook    Joshua N. Hook   Don E. Davis Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton As I was reading this book, I had an occasion to experience many of the points the authors made in a group where a speaker disclosed some troubling news. Those of us present naturally felt supportive and I had the impression, the process promoted growth and healing. I found myself reflecting on the authenticity of the book. The authors, using the first person "I," refer to a healing cycle composed of six steps, which cover most of the chapters in the book. In each chapter, the authors include sections on psychological science and Christianity to show how their model is compatible with science and faith. Each healing step is explained along with an example of growth experiences of fictitious group members. The authors offer several tips and strategies to help leaders deal with both basic and more