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Forgiveness Therapy Anger and Hope Sutton Reviews

  FORGIVENESS THERAPY AN EMPIRICAL GUIDE FOR RESOLVING   ANGER AND RESTORING HOPE By       Robert D. Enright &      Richard P. Fitzgibbons, Reviewed by      Geoffrey W. Sutton In the last few decades, forgiveness books and research studies have multiplied. Fortunately for clinicians, Enright and Fitzgibbons have provided a comprehensive work that is clinician focused with reviews of supportive research. I was glad for the opportunity to review this update by one of the world’s leading forgiveness researchers. My interest in forgiveness, particularly but not exclusively Christian forgiveness, began during my work as a psychotherapist. More recently I have been involved in several research projects focused on, or inclusive, of forgiveness. My point is that the psychology of forgiveness is important to both clinicians and academics. And forgiveness is a process of value to people of many religions or none at all. My review has been accep