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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

American St Nick- Film Review

The American St Nick

   The Men Who Restored Christmas

A great Christmas story combines warmth, kindness, generosity, traditions, and a memorable event—especially one that brings hope against the backdrop of an evil empire. A true story describing how a few soldiers from the 28th Infantry Division restored Christmas for the children of Wiltz, Luxembourg ranks with the best.

In late 1944, the allies had the German soldiers on the run. By December, some men were sent to Wiltz, Luxembourg for a much needed break. The townsfolk were grateful for the liberation from five years of Nazi rule including the ban on their Christmas tradition. This year they planned to restore the celebration of Saint Nicolas (Klees’chen) on 6 December but they were at a loss for gifts and treats.

Jewish Corporal Harry Stutz meets with the local priest, Father Wolffe, and other town leaders to see what could be done. He then plans a party with help from fellow soldiers who cook doughnuts and gather donations of sweets and items sent to soldiers from family and friends. Finally, he turns to friend Corporal Richard Brookins to play the role of Saint Nicholas. A bit reluctant at first, Brookins agrees then dons the priest’s garb, a worn rope beard, and a broken staff. After a sleigh ride via Army Jeep through town, the children and their families join the soldiers at Wiltz Castle.

Alas the war was not over. The Germans initiated a final resistance effort (Battle of the Bulge). Allied bombers responded and many in Wiltz lost their lives along with much of their town.

But after the war, the joy and hope of that special day was remembered. The celebration of 1944 was recounted far and wide. After some effort, connections were made with Corporal Brookins and some others. They returned to a warm welcome by the children who never forgot. 

Last year (2014) 94-year-old Richard Brookins joined in a re-enactment—riding again in a jeep as he had 70 years ago.

I saw the story on PBS presented as The American St. Nick. There is also a book by Peter Lion, which I haven’t read. Here’s a link to more on the story at the WW II Foundation.

Resources at WW II Foundation

The Book on AMAZON

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Living Well: 10 Big Ideas- Book Reviews & Comments

 Living Well

10 Big Ideas of Faith and     

a Meaningful Life

  By    Geoffrey W. Sutton

Reviewed by


Quotes from reviewers of:  Living Well: 10 Big Ideas ofFaith and a Meaningful Life

“As a Christian and a psychological professional, it’s rare to find resources which address the interaction of my beliefs and scholarly knowledge. I’m encouraged by Geoff Sutton’s, Living Well, as it offers a unique perspective on Biblical virtues from multiple, complementary views. In a time where many want to divide faith and science, a harmonious combination is found in this book.”

   Chelsea L. Greer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychologist, USA


“In the long and noble tradition of virtue ethics, Geoffrey Sutton provides a valuable resource for living the good life. Bible study meets scientific inquiry meets practical how-to, this is a helpful tool for congregation and classroom alike.”

   Dr. Howard N. Kenyon, Vice President, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Evangelical scholar in ethics, USA

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“I highly recommend Geoff Sutton’s latest book. As the discipleship pastor at my church, I think this resource would be beneficial for our small groups to use. The abundance of resources included under each virtue—from TED Talks to Scripture passages to poetry/music to helpful questionnaires—provide so much meat for further study and discussion.”

   Jodi Faulkner, Associate Pastor (PhD student, Intercultural Studies), USA


Overtime we all go through life altering and changing events that can ‘make us or break us,’ Geoff Sutton, in his new book ‘LivingWell,’ explores and highlights to us not only as Christians but as part of a wider society of humans, how we are all part of a community and it is through this ‘community’ that we should put our faith into action.

Sutton offers the reader a dynamic perspective shining a new light on the struggles with being a charitable giver with our ego-state. Living Well allows you to become part of the framework, not just as a reader but also as humble leaders in positions of trust over others—how we demonstrate that shows how we serve others.

I fully recommend ‘Living Well,’ as it is a true reminder of – ‘We must hold strong to our faith because it is the very thing that leads us towards the things we hope for. It's the thing that keeps us moving forward, even if that movement seems slow and uneventful. Why? Because "faith without works is dead," (James 2:26). 

    Anita M. Eader, M.A., B.S., United Kingdom


Availability: Living Well is on Amazon and available from various distributors


Sutton, G.W. (2019). Living well: 10 big ideas of faith and a meaningful life. Springfield, MO: Sunflower. (On AMAZON). ISBN-10 1796320161  ISBN-13 978-1796320169

Living Well at AMAZON-UK      and AMAZON KINDLE

Book Topics by Chapter

Cultivating Humility

Discovering Courage

Giving Generously

Expressing Gratitude

Building Hope

Practicing Forgiveness

Finding Rest

Strengthening Self-Control

Celebrating Joy

Demonstrating Love


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