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Godly Love Impediments Possibilities

Godly Love:       Impediments  & Possibilities By Matthew Lee & Amos Yong Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton The possibility of linking godly love to measurable outcomes intrigued me. As a psychological scientist teaching research methods and psychology of religion, I was eager to examine developments in this emerging field. The titles of two journals in my discipline ( Journal of Psychology and Christianity, Journal of Psychology and Theology ) focus on  ways that Christian faith and scientific knowledge can be integrated. In Godly Love: Impediments & Possibilities , Amos Yong’s introduction offers an historical context relevant to both volumes. The interest in godly love has been inspired by social scientists affiliated with the Institute for Research on Unlimited love. These scientists and affiliated colleagues trace at least part of their heritage to work on altruism by former Harvard University sociologist, Pitirim Sorokin. In recent y