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Handbook of Forgiveness Second Edition Book Review by Sutton

Handbook of Forgiveness Second Edition Edited by Everett L. Worthington, Jr. &     Nathaniel G. Wade (Eds.) Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton, Ph.D. Let me state at the outset, I recommend the Handbook of Forgiveness, Second Edition to anyone interested in forgiveness studies. And, it belongs on the shelves of university and seminary libraries around the world. ***** I began following forgiveness studies in 2001. I had returned to academia after a full-time career as a psychologist. I naively thought all professors ought to conduct and publish research. As I was searching for research ideas, I came across a few forgiveness studies. I recognized the name, Ev Worthington—we had become friends as new graduate students at the University of Missouri. After contacting him, I received a massive packet of forgiveness articles. Now my task was to find something that had not been done. Meanwhile, I met Nathaniel Wade—not in person, mind you, but by his conne