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How unchristian! A Book Review

UNCHRISTIAN : WHAT A NEW GENERATION REALLY THINKS ABOUT CHRISTIANITY    ...AND  WHY IT MATTERS By   David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton “Christianity has an image problem.” (p. 11). The book, UNChristian , summarizes Kinnaman and Lyon's research into the views of Christians and non-Christians about many social issues. And they find that young Christians hold some negative attitudes toward Christianity—Christians are anti-gay and judgmental, to name two. This is one of the books I read as I was writing about beliefs and values in  A House Divided . A telling statistic is the finding that only 20% of “outsiders” strongly agree with an important characteristic of Christians: “Christian churches accept and love people unconditionally, regardless of how people look or what they do.” (p. 185) Although this book was written a few years ago, the contemporary situation in the United States suggests that Christians are fierce