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Genesis for Normal People by Enns and Byas A Book Review

  Genesis for Normal People A Guide to the Most Controversial,      Misunderstood, and Abused Book of the Bible By     Peter Enns &    Jared Byas   Reviewed by     Geoffrey W. Sutton I agree with the authors that Genesis for Normal People is for those who want to a better understanding of Genesis without mastering Hebrew and attending seminary. I’ve thought about what I wish they had included but I’m neither a religious scholar nor a popular author so, I’ll offer a summary of the book and note some points worth considering. Depending on how much you have read about this old document called Genesis, you might learn a few things like I did or at least think about Genesis in a different way. My plan is to present a summary of this easy-to-read introduction to Genesis by focusing on the authors’ key points. 1. Genesis is an ancient Israelite story. To understand that story requires an appreciation of the Israelites who likely received it after returning from exile i