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The Black Church Story and Song - A Review

  The Black Church   This is our Story.  This is our Song.   By Louis Gates Jr.   and others Reviewed by   Geoffrey W. Sutton This 2-part special on PBS condenses some 400 years of African American Christian history into 4 hours. I add my appreciation to the praise of more popular editorials and comments who liked the presentation. The PBS page includes a variety of additional information. I understand the criticism by those who point to people or events omitted from the narrative. I am less inclined to be critical because I have not studied " The Black Church ." I understand from a search online that universities offer several courses in programs devoted to Black Church or African American church studies. A 4-hour documentary cannot possibly cover what is included in even one 30+ hour course. I did wonder about the phrase, "The Black Church," which certainly leaves the impression that all Black Americans share the same beliefs, practices, and values.

Integrative Psychotherapy by McMinn & Campbell Book Review

Integrative Psychotherapy:      Toward a Comprehensive  Christian Approach By  Mark R. McMinn & Clark D. Campbell Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton In the beginning, the authors tell us about Integrative Psychotherapy , which they refer to as IP: “IP is simply one approach to psychotherapy, informed by Christian theology and spirituality as well as contemporary psychology (16-17; italics in original).”   Imagine yourself driving down a slippery narrow road between two deep ditches. I have modified the authors’ analogy to capture their difficulty in negotiating the territory of counseling and psychotherapy marked on the one hand by those who rely solely on Christian Scripture and on the other hand by those who employ psychological interventions with minimal attention to their Christian faith. The authors are aware of the contributions of other writers, including a special appreciation for Modern Psychotherapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal (Jones & Butman, 1991).  

Christian Counseling & Psychotherapy Book List

This is a list of books about counseling and psychotherapy that in some way consider or accommodate Christian beliefs and values. Many are general works but a few are topic-focused such as books about forgiveness or sexuality In many cases, you will find a link to a book review or book summary, and the availability of the book on Amazon and Google. Some books may be included for those who have the Kindle Unlimited program. Others may be available through Audible as well.   Counseling & Psychotherapy with Pentecostal & Charismatic Christians    Culture & Research | Assessment & Practice     Moving Forward: Six Steps to Forgiving Yourself and Breaking Free from the Past       R EVIEWS & SUMMARIES   R EVIEWS & SUMMARIES B UY on AMAZON   B UY on AMAZON B UY on GOOGLE BOOKS   B UY on GOOGLE BOOKS