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The Bible Tells Me So- A Book Review

  THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO: WHY DEFENDING SCRIPTURE HAS MADE US UNABLE TO READ IT      By    Peter Enns Reviewed by     Geoffrey W. Sutton Bloody violence, talking animals, mysterious beings, rules for slave holders, and managing your bodily fluids challenge anyone who makes a New Year’s resolution to read the Bible. I could have used a book like The Bible Tells Me So when I was a teenager attempting to make sense of this holy book I was dutifully bound to read. And in those days, the Bible sounded even more removed from my reality in the language of Shakespeare. Even with modern translations, some old stories still sound quite strange and leave an intelligent inquirer wondering about what kind of God kicks people out of their home for eating a bit of fruit, changes his mind about creating people because they’ve turned out so bad, or orders his people to kill an entire tribe of other people so his tribe can have their land? Peter Enns offers some answers in seven easy-t

CHRISTOBIOGRAPHY: Memory History and the Reliability of the Gospels by Craig S. Keener - A Review

CHRISTOBIOGRAPHY:  MEMORY, HISTORY,  AND  THE RELIABILITY OF  THE GOSPELS  Author: Craig S. Keener Reviewed by  Geoffrey W. Sutton It’s the second word in the title, memory , that first grabbed my attention. Then I noticed the word, reliability . Like many clinicians, I’ve administered many memory tests and discovered an incredible range of memory capacity. I've tested preschool children and senior adults. I used the best available tests covering a wide range of human memory. And, as a Christian thinker about integration, I wondered about the scant attention given to the role of memory and reliability in understanding the interplay between biblical texts and psychological science. So, I come to Keener’s latest cornucopia with considerable curiosity. Craig S. Keener is professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary . Together, his works have sold over a million copies. He describes his scholarly vantage point as to the right of center. A scholar to the l