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Discipline with Respect in Caring Relationships- Parenting Book

  Discipline with Respect in Caring Relationships By     Geoffrey W. Sutton Reviewed by    Various Discipline with Respect in Caring Relationships is an evidence-based approach to helping parents help children develop self-discipline. The program and the book has been well-received in public and private schools, churches, foster parent meetings, and other venues. ********** “With so many barriers to respectful communication, now more than ever parents need practical strategies to help their children develop into respectful adults. Dr. Sutton’s work connects timeless principles to modern wisdom in a way that challenges family habits and encourages relationship-grounded discipline.” —Jennifer Poindexter, M.S., LPC - South Carolina   “ Discipline with Respect meets many of today’s child-rearing needs. In it, Dr. Sutton conveys for parents and for other concerned adults his tested, effective methods for helping children to develop a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline.