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She Said - a film review

  She Said is a 2022 biodrama, which tells the story of the New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey who exposed the Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse and harassment of women. The film is based on the book of the same name, which was authored by Kantor and Twohey (2019). The story begins in 2017 when Kantor got a tip that actor Rose McGowan had been sexually assaulted. She was age 23 at the time. As the investigation progresses, we learn of other women who may have been abused. Some are too afraid to go on record. And some are bound to silence based on settlement agreements. Eventually, the reporters collect enough evidence to publish a story, which appeared in the NY Times 5 October 2017. I recommend She Said as an informative look into the struggles women experience with sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace. Although the focus is on women in the film industry, the story aptly illustrates the power differential that exists in other industries and organi

Unprotected Texts by Jennifer Knust Book Review by Sutton

UNPROTECTED TEXTS The Bible’s Surprising Contradictions   about Sex and Desire Author:   Jennifer Wright Knust Date: 2011 Reviewed by   Geoffrey W. Sutton Knust’s book, Unprotected Texts , has an intriguing title for anyone thinking about the sex-related moral issues constantly in the news. I purchased a copy of her book as I was writing A House Divided: Sexuality, Morality, and Christian Cultures , and I’m glad I did because I referenced some of her insights. Knust has impressive credentials. At the time she wrote Unprotected Texts , Knust had a Ph.D., from Columbia University and was an Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Boston University School of Theology. She’s also an ordained American Baptist pastor. Unprotected Texts is a well written book, which addresses biblical sex in six chapters with primary titles that do not easily identify the subject matter until you’ve read a few pages.  In this review, I’ll pro