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Picking Cotton-Injustice, Memory, Forgiveness & Reconciliation - A Book Review

Ronald Cotton, The Innocence Project Ronald Cotton - Innocence Project Picking Cotton (The book)   PICKING COTTON      Our Memoir of  Injustice and  Redemption By   Jennifer Thompson-Cannino   & Ronald Cotton      With   Erin Torneo Reviewed By   Geoffrey W. Sutton   I was interested in   Picking Cotton   for several reasons. As a psychologist and researcher I have helped people deal with interpersonal offenses for over 45 years. My focus has been on forgiveness and reconciliation. But there are more lessons in this book. In view of recent events the book serves to illustrate social injustice and racism. In addition, we see the serious problem of faulty eyewitness testimony evident in the experiments of Elizabeth Loftus. So for these reasons, I recommend this book to a broad spectrum of readers. And would especially recommend it to my colleagues in counselling and mental health. The book opens with the horrible account of Jennifer’s rape. She’s a young white c