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The Rescue - A Film Review

  The Rescue is an Academy Award winning film by directors and producers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin. Like many around the world, we watched the unfolding story of 12 Thai boys and their football coach trapped in a cave. The film recaptures the tension by illustrating the risks of cave diving and the back and forth arguments as people from several nations weigh the risks involved in selecting one method or another to find the boys. Experienced divers fail. Two middle-aged cave divers from England finally find the boys alive and promise they'll be back. But how do you safely bring 13 people underwater? Discover the role of experience as courage and confidence varies from person to person. See how people from different cultures come together to help. Consider the importance of the boys' religion in their wellbeing. Think about the role of general science and medical science in the successful outcome--technology, oxygen, medication, and more. The film was released 8 October

Think Again- Learning to Rethink - A review

  Think Again The Power of Knowing   What You Don’t Know By   Adam Grant Reviewed by   Geoffrey W. Sutton   Think Again works. Throughout the book, I found myself rethinking some of my assumptions and learning new applications of familiar and new psychological findings. In many ways, Adam Grant challenges us to rethink what we are doing at work, school, and even in relationships. It’s a book that deserves a place in any syllabus challenging students to think and rethink their assumptions and to develop confident humility. But Think Again also belongs in discussion groups in the workplace. On a technical note, Grant divides the book into four parts followed by an Epilogue, and a more or less set of summary statements presented as Actions for Impact. The chapters are introduced with a poignant story. As the theme of a chapter unfolds, we encounter more stories and illustrations that help us appreciate the author’s point. You’ll find it’s like taking a course from a

Notorious RBG - Justice Ginsburg- A Book Review

  Notorious RBG      By Irin Carmon & Shana Knizhnik Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton   Notorious RBG caught my eye when looking for a book to listen to on our recent trip. Of course, her death had a lot to do with making Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life salient. The subtitle, The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg , makes it clear this is a biography. My wife and I liked the book because it gave us insight into this woman’s strength and determination, capacity for love, and her brilliant mind. The authors help us understand how her character and experience enabled her to fight sexism and cancer on a grand scale. Her lifelong love for her husband stands out in a time when so many relationships end badly. We also begin to understand how she could write powerful arguments yet be friends with those having a different worldview like conservative justice, Antonin Scalia.  RBG was a woman who could argue fiercely for her perspective on justice yet keep focus on people who are

Fear: Trump in the White House - Book Review

Fear: Trump  in the White House By   Bob Woodward Reviewed by    Geoffrey W. Sutton After reading Woodward’s Fear , I am wondering about the contribution of this book to its cover-stated category, Political Science . Like behavioral scientists who analyze interviews, the anonymity of the participants is protected. Like readers of behavioral science interviews, we are dependent on the author and his team for accuracy. Unfortunately, like readers of scientific journals, we do not know the accuracy of the memories of those who provided the interview content to Woodward. Neither do we know how well Woodward was able to detect lies and biases in those who provided the content on which this book was based. Woodward’s purpose is summarized at the end of the prologue. The reality was that the United States in 2017 was tethered to the words and actions of an emotionally overwrought, mercurial, and unpredictable leader. Members of his staff had joined to

Psychopaths and Leadership - Wisdom of Psychopaths Book Review

The Wisdom of Psychopaths By Kevin Dutton Review by Geoffrey W. Sutton My mother was sixty-five when she retired. Each month she faithfully wrote a check for $20.00 to Rev. Televangelist whom she loved to watch on her aging blond console TV. She had his special version red leather, red letter edition, of the Holy Bible beside her favorite 1970s orangey fabric chair. Each month she received his newsletter, which she read to learn of God’s blessing on his ministries. She and many others were sending those showers of blessing on him and all who dwelt beneath the roof of his fabulous mansion. After moving to Rev. Televangelist’s community of followers, the scandalous news brought the house down. And she was manifestly depressed. My encounters with psychopaths began during the early years of my clinical practice. I learned the most during supervision by clinical forensic psychologist, Dr.  Julianne Lockwood, professor of psychology at the University of New Mex