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Integrative Psychotherapy by McMinn & Campbell Book Review

Integrative Psychotherapy:      Toward a Comprehensive  Christian Approach By  Mark R. McMinn & Clark D. Campbell Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton In the beginning, the authors tell us about Integrative Psychotherapy , which they refer to as IP: “IP is simply one approach to psychotherapy, informed by Christian theology and spirituality as well as contemporary psychology (16-17; italics in original).”   Imagine yourself driving down a slippery narrow road between two deep ditches. I have modified the authors’ analogy to capture their difficulty in negotiating the territory of counseling and psychotherapy marked on the one hand by those who rely solely on Christian Scripture and on the other hand by those who employ psychological interventions with minimal attention to their Christian faith. The authors are aware of the contributions of other writers, including a special appreciation for Modern Psychotherapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal (Jones & Butman, 1991).  

God and Sex by Michael Coogan- A Book Review

  God and Sex What the Bible Really Says   By     Michael Coogan   2010 Reviewed by    Geoffrey W. Sutton Coogan sets the stage for a biblical view of sex by citing the popularity of the Bible in US society--over 90% of us have "The Book." He challenges readers who believe the Bible is simply "God's Word" rather than a collection of works by multiple authors to consider some obvious inconsistencies easily recognized by anyone who has taken the time to read the text. Coogan want readers to see the unfolding of the biblical message in ways that allows a nuanced approach to modern life. Thus, he will write about women as equals, sexual prohibitions, and the stories of rape. Chapter 1 We begin with an invitation to see the biblical past as life in a foreign country with a different language, culture and values. He quickly shows readers love and sex through the eyes of the Song of Solomon. Then opens readers' eyes to biblical sex by lifting the veil of euphemisms