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NO ENEMY TO CONQUER-- A Book Review by Sutton

NO ENEMY TO CONQUER:       FORGIVENESS IN AN  UNFORGIVING WORLD  By       Michael Henderson Reviewed by      Geoffrey W. Sutton The foreword by The Dalai Lama exemplifies Henderson’s approach to the topic of forgiveness. The work is not an academic treatise but a collection of narratives, amassed as  “dramatic evidence validating the power of forgiveness and personal reconciliation to affect national life.”  A Nigerian Pentecostal pastor and an Imam transition from enemy combatants to allies via forgiveness. Hotspot stories from Northern Ireland and South Africa illustrate the power of reconciliation. Indians and Rwandans graduate from victimization to empowerment. British and Japanese warriors take responsibility to engender new relations.  Following an illustration of a safe place, the Swiss project at Caux, the importance of listening and apologizing concludes this trove of collective wisdom. The lessons learned by those who forged opinions in