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The Black Church Story and Song - A Review

  The Black Church   This is our Story.  This is our Song.   By Louis Gates Jr.   and others Reviewed by   Geoffrey W. Sutton This 2-part special on PBS condenses some 400 years of African American Christian history into 4 hours. I add my appreciation to the praise of more popular editorials and comments who liked the presentation. The PBS page includes a variety of additional information. I understand the criticism by those who point to people or events omitted from the narrative. I am less inclined to be critical because I have not studied " The Black Church ." I understand from a search online that universities offer several courses in programs devoted to Black Church or African American church studies. A 4-hour documentary cannot possibly cover what is included in even one 30+ hour course. I did wonder about the phrase, "The Black Church," which certainly leaves the impression that all Black Americans share the same beliefs, practices, and values.