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Creating Surveys-Second Edition

  CREATING SURVEYS   Second Edition How to Create & Administer Surveys, Evaluate Workshops & Seminars, Interpret & Present Results Click to Download Free Sample Available on AMAZON GOOGLE e-Books Reviews “This resource provides practitioners and students a systematic, easy-to-read overview of what surveys are and how to use them. Even seasoned researchers could benefit from reviewing this book and keeping it handy for reference, but undergraduate and master’s students should find it particularly useful for grasping basic research constructs and designing simple survey projects. Not only does the book explain important principles, but it also provides many clear, concrete examples and links to additional resources that the reader will find helpful.” —Joe D. Wilmoth, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Human Development and Family Science, Mississippi State University   “Many researchers find themselves in contexts where they have access to groups of people whose values, opin