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The New Religious Intolerance by Nussbaum- A Book Review

The New Religious Intolerance      Overcoming the Politics of Fear in an Anxious Age By Martha C. Nussbaum Reviewed by   Geoffrey W. Sutton Philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum provides real world examples to illustrate the role of fear in sociopolitical actions. She identifies fear as “more narcissistic than other emotions.” People who are different from us can evoke anxiety, which can become exaggerated into a call for action to reduce or eliminate the influence of the other group. In the examples, Nussbaum shows how people fail to consistently apply principles of respect for the religious values of people who are members of a minority religion in a pluralistic society. One example is the resistance toward a Muslim plan to build a cultural center in lower Manhattan. Another example is the concern of some Europeans with the facial coverings of Muslim women. What I find particularly refreshing is her ability to clarify the role of human emotions in moral philosophy. So many arguments ar