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Ethics in the Age of the Spirit- A book review

ETHICS IN THE AGE OF THE SPIRIT:  RACE, WOMEN, WAR,  AND THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD      by Howard N. Kenyon.       Reviewed by          Geoffrey W. Sutton               The topics of race, women, and war, in Kenyon’s subtitle, are certainly timely issues. In 2016, the son of a Black father and White mother neared the end of his two terms as the 44th U.S. president while a woman campaigned to replace him. Meanwhile, the U.S. was at war, as it has been for 222 years since 1776 ( Charpentier, 2017) . Drawing on archival data, Howard N. Kenyon examines Pentecostals’ ethical response to racism, sexism, and war in the context of their fundamentalist roots and the historic cultural changes that have occurred in the past one hundred years. Howard N. Kenyon is a fourth-generation Pentecostal. He earned his Ph.D. in Ethics from Baylor University in 1988. Ethics in the Age of the Spirit is an updated version of his dissertation. He is currently Vice President of E