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Are there too many psychotherapists for our own good? One Nation Under Therapy Book Review

ONE NATION UNDER THERAPY HOW THE HELPING CULTURE IS  ERODING SELF-RELIANCE By Christina Hoff Sommers  & Sally Satel Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton I like to return to New York City on occasion to remember my arrival in the United States. On one visit after 911, we stopped in a Barnes & Noble bookstore and I came across this interesting book, “One Nation Under Therapy.” I’ve been a psychotherapist for years. And like many clinicians, I’ve seen people with a broad range of symptom severity. Some of course struggled so much they required 24-hour care. Others were quite healthy but wanted a confidential sounding board-- nothing wrong with that. But the authors of One Nation Under Therapy have a point-- some in our culture are probably too dependent on outside assistance and have not learned the skills needed to independently manage the rough and tumble of daily life. As I look back on what I wrote, I think this dependency may b