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Treasure Island by Stevenson

  Treasure Island    By Robert Louis Stevenson My eldest granddaughter is practicing for her part in a musical version of Treasure Island so, I downloaded a copy, which I had not read since childhood. It's been called a boy's adventure story but nowadays, that stereotype no longer applies. Following is a summary and a description of the key characters. Treasure Island is a children's novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1883. Set in the 1780s, it tells the story of Jim Hawkins, a young boy who finds a treasure map while working at his parents' inn. With the help of his friends, he sets out to find the treasure, which is hidden on a remote island. Along the way, they encounter a variety of obstacles, including pirates, mutiny, and the natural dangers of the island. In the end, Jim and his friends are successful in finding the treasure, but they must also learn to deal with the consequences of their actions.   The main characters in Treasu

Shetland Series by Ann Cleeves

               Scotland’s Northern Isles Geoffrey W. Sutton   The Shetland series is set in the Shetland Islands, which are at the far north of the United Kingdom. The stark landscape dotted with sheep, filled by the author with an intriguing variety of birdlife, and battered by storms seems like an ideal place for a series of murders especially when cold winters bring snow, dense fogs can obscure vision, and summers present with an eerie long evening light—the simmer dim. The lead detective is Jimmy Perez who was born on Fair Isle but works out of the police station in Lerwick on the main island. Jimmy had been married to Sarah who divorced him following a miscarriage. His team includes Sandy Wilson from the off island of Walsay and inspectors from elsewhere in Scotland. In the first story, Raven Black , we meet Fran Hunter who is divorced from Jimmy’s old school friend, Duncan Hunter. They have a daughter Cassie. The relationship between Jimmy and Fran progresses along w

Line of Duty Series Review

  Line of Duty, a police drama, is one of the most popular BBC TV series of all time. BBC BBC Created by   Ted Mercurio Reviewed by   Geoffrey W. Sutton Line of Duty engages viewers at different levels. The show is an action-adventure police mystery drama that keeps viewers wondering what will happen in the next episode. It's also an insightful look into human nature and the relationships that shape behavior. The series features two officers who work as partners in an anti-corruption unit known as AC-12. DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) is an AFO (Authorised Firearms Officer). He joins the anti-corruption  unit after refusing to join his team in covering up the fatal shooting of an innocent man. His partner is DC Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) who is also an AFO. The other main character is AC-12 Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) who doggedly pursues bent coppers. His Catholic-Irish roots are revealed in sayings, accent, and his history of policing during the troubles. In

London: A Biography - Book Review

London: A Biography By Peter Ackroyd Reviewed by Geoffrey W. Sutton London: A Biography is not a biography in the usual sense of the term. True, Ackroyd is an excellent writer who is adept at weaving together bits of archaeology with a historical note and a dollop of quotes from a novelist. I did enjoy the book, but it was not what I expected. As a Londoner, I hoped to discover new insights into the nether regions of the past and present. That hope was realised . In fact, I am looking for some of the books Ackroyd mentioned in his closing essay. I suppose any biographer has to pick and choose among the many events in a long life that tell an interesting story. The author has chosen well. Would I have chosen differently? Yes. I would like more about science and history with fewer quotations from literary sources. I read about so many churches, but I did not learn much about the interaction of the people with their churches. I read about a few royal