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Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Restoration- A Book

 Forgiveness, Reconciliation, 

and Restoration:  

 Multidisciplinary Studies

 from a Pentecostal Perspective


Edited by


    Martin W. Mittelstadt &

    Geoffrey W. Sutton


Reviewed by


   Various Reviewers



“Richly diverse, yet held together by a focus on the Pentecostal heritage, this volume offers a refreshing look at a timely topic for a world prone to anger and revenge. Through historical, theological, educational, literary, and social scientific lenses, one easily sees and appreciates the Pentecostal imprint on such valued Christian virtues as forgiveness, reconciliation, and justice. Congratulations to each contributor, and especially to editors Mittelstadt and Sutton, for a job well done.”

        — Peter Hill, Biola University




“This volume is rich with godly and pastoral wisdom from an international panel of Pentecostal scholars who explore the Scriptures and offer practical advice on what it means to be people of the Spirit. Numerous contributors have lived through pain and responded with forgiveness, sought reconciliation, and worked to restore people to wholeness. All of them encourage thoughtful reflection on an ever-relevant topic in a world bent on violence. This book belongs in Bible study settings, the college classroom, and the pastor’s study!”

   — George O. Wood (former) General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God




“Pentecostal perspectives on forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration?! Yes—finally—those claiming a Spirit-filled Christian life are following in the steps of the Spirit-anointed Christ to engage a world in need of good news that forgiveness and reconciliation apply not only to individual hearts but to people groups and communities as well. A must-read not only for Pentecostals but for all who also yearn to experience and see the fullness of the Spirit of Christ!”

   — Amos Yong, Chief Academic Officer, Dean of the School of Theology and The School of Intercultural Studies, and Professor of Theology and Mission




“Overall, this compilation of essays voices the many themes of Pentecostal methods of

forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration that go beyond individual experience and into

the communities and religious groups traditionally thought of as undeserving. These perspectives are summed up in the epilogue by non-Pentecostal scholar Everett L. Worthington, which suggests that what makes Pentecostalism unique is 1) the rupture of God into the natural world, and 2) emotion and personal testimony as human response.”

   — Candace M. Laughinghouse- quoted from Pneuma, 33, (2011) 427-466



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Table of Contents and Contributors


 A Theological Perspective

 Pentecostals and the Gospel of Peace: Spirit and Reconciliation in Luke-Acts

By Martin W. Mittelstadt

 Literary Perspectives

 Pentecostals, Postmodernism, and The Shack

By Robert Berg

 Art Imitates Life: Literary and Life Lessons about Death and Forgiveness

By Marilyn Quigley and Diane Awbrey

 Historical Perspectives

 The Azusa Street Revival and Racial Reconciliation

By Renea Brathwaite

 I’m Sorry, My Brother: A Reconciliation Journey

By Lois E. Olena

 From Forbidden Fire to a Different Spirit: A Pentecostal Approach to Interfaith Forgiveness and Reconciliation

By Tony Richie

 Psychological Perspectives

 The Psychology of Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Restoration: Integrating Traditional and Pentecostal Theological Perspectives with Psychology

By Geoffrey W. Sutton

 Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa: A Pentecostal Perspective

By Johan Mostert and Mervin van der Spuy

 A Sociological Perspective

 Public Acts of Forgiveness: What Happens When Canadian Churches and Governments Seek Forgiveness for Social Sins of the Past?

By Michael Wilkinson

 Educational Perspective

 Learning Forgiveness and Reconciliation: A Model for Education for Peace in Rwanda

By Jeff Hittenberger & Patrick Mureithi


 By Everett L. Worthington, Jr.


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