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Christian Morality- Book Review

Christian Morality:

An Interdisciplinary Framework               

 for Thinking About

Contemporary Moral Issues.

Edited by

  Geoffrey W. Sutton &

  Brandon Schmidly

Reviewed by

  Various Reviewers

Sutton, G. W. & Schmidly, B. (eds.). (2016). Christian morality: An interdisciplinary framework for thinking about contemporary moral issues. Eugene, OR: Pickwick.


Christian Morality is a timely and accessible resource that provides the reader with the language, the categories, the concepts that help us talk responsibly and respectfully to each other about the topics that matter most to us. The cultural and moral climate today begs for resources like this one.

Heather Kelly, PsyD.Professor of Psychology, Evangel University, Springfield, MO


 As a rhetorician, I repeat often to students that “how we talk about things matters.”  What Sutton & Schmidly have provided in this text is an admonition to readers that how we THINK about things matters.  Drawing from both the philosophical and psychological study of morality, the authors and contributors challenge the reader to consider how we think about morality, but also how to apply a moral framework to the issues and situations that we encounter in our homes, churches, and society.  How we talk about these issues and moments matter, but if we are to speak in a way that allows us to demonstrate real influence we must first consider the thought with which we engage to formulate our response.  This is a book that is both meaningful and accessible to the scholar, pastor, and lay person alike and a must read for anyone who seeks to speak into the world as a voice of redemption.

 Joy E.A. Qualls, PhDChair, Department of Communication Studies, Biola University, 

    La Mirada, CA


"Books on moral theory and applied ethics abound. They are readily available in bookstores everywhere Moral Issues as well as online. What makes the present volume distinctive is its interdisciplinary approach to moral concerns. Here we have Christian scholars, representing a variety of academic disciplines and professional backgrounds, engaging foundational questions as well as contemporary moral issues. Christian community is indebted to Doctors Sutton and Schmidly for bringing this volume to us."

Michael D. Palmer, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Regent University School of Divinity


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Publisher: Pickwick Books / WIPFandSTOCK   ISBN: 9781498204767





Table of Contents & Contributors

List of Contributors


Series Preface

Part One: Interdisciplinary Foundations of Christian Morality

1. An Introduction to the Foundations of Christian Morality

By Geoffrey W. Sutton and Brandon Schmidly

2. Philosophical Foundations of Christian Morality

By Brandon Schmidly

3. Psychological Foundations of Christian Morality

By Geoffrey W. Sutton

4. Sociological Foundations of Christian Morality

By Joel Thiessen

5. Jesus, Empire, and Christian Ethics:

Implications for the Moral Critique of Mass Incarceration in the United States

By Peter Althouse

Part Two: How Christians Analyze and Respond to Contemporary Moral Issues

6. An Introduction to the Application of Christian Morality

By Brandon Schmidly and Geoffrey W. Sutton

7. Using Philosophy to Think About Abortion

By Brandon Schmidly

8. Sexual Minorities, Same-Sex Marriage, and Christian Morality

By Geoffrey W. Sutton

 9. A Woman’s Place: Perspectives on Equality

By Ruth V. Burgess

10. Tensions and Challenges: Christian Morality and Sex Education

By April Montoya and Shonna Crawford

11. Morality in Local and Global Perspectives.

By Paul W. Lewis

12. Reflections on Christian Morality

By Geoffrey W. Sutton and Brandon Schmidly

Appendix: Other Morality Topics

Geoffrey W. Sutton and Brandon Schmidly


 Peter Althouse, PhD, Professor of Religion at Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL (PhD University of Toronto).

 Ruth V. Burgess, PhD, Emeritus Professor of School of Teacher Education at Missouri State University, Springfield, MO (PhD University of Missouri).

 Shonna Crawford, PhD, Professor of Education at Evangel University, Springfield, MO (PhD University of Missouri).

 Paul W. Lewis, PhD, Program Coordinator, Intercultural Doctoral Studies at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, MO (PhD Baylor University).

 April Montoya, BS, Violence Prevention Advocate, Pueblo Colorado (BS Journalism, Evangel University).

 Brandon Schmidly, PhD, Professor of Philosophy at Evangel University, Springfield, MO (PhD University of Missouri).

 Geoffrey W. Sutton, PhD Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Evangel University, Springfield, MO (PhD University of Missouri).

 Joel Thiessen, PhD, Professor of Sociology, Ambrose University, Calgary (PhD University of Waterloo).


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